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Sunday, August 1, 2010

And now, a very special Cafe Hazelthyme

With apologies to Visa, a random 40th-birthday-inspired list:
  • 08 Toyota Matrix, 30k, April 2010 - $12,000.
  • Taughannock Park pavillion rental - $40.00.
  • Wegman's heart sushi tray - $54.99.
  • Lucas Cabernet Franc - $12.99.
  • Value of damage to 08 Toyota Matrix, 32k, en route to 40th b-day party - $11,999.95.
  • Year in which I'll next need to buy soda, beer, or wine - at least 2012.
  • Lovely, heartfelt cards now gracing the mantel - 17.
  • Facebook b-day wishes - 42
  • Fancy coffee drinks I'll be enjoying, courtesy of one of my best friends - at least 10.
  • Oldest party guest - 71.
  • Youngest party guest - 3 months.
  • Grade schoolers who helped the 3 month-old's big sister have the time of her life getting wet and dirty - 3.
  • People around the world who share my birthday - about 18 million.
  • People who received the King Zucchini as a present - probably just me.
  • Celebrating a milestone with the perfect crazy-quilt mosaic of cherished family and friends - priceless.

Thank you, everyone.

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  1. Sorry for all that happened to your car. That's horrible. But hey...at least you'll never, ever forget your 40th!
    I'm glad you had a great celebration anyway. :)