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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#111: The Little Women Letters

The Little Women Letters, by Gabrielle Donnelly (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2011)

"With her older sister planning a wedding and her younger sister preparing to launch a career on the stage, Lulu can't help but feel like the failure of the Atwater family. Lulu loves her sisters dearly and wants nothing but the best for them, but she finds herself stuck in a rut. When her mother sends her to look for some old family recipes in the attic, she stumbles across a collection of letters written by her great-great-grandmother Josephine March. Jo writes in detail about every aspect of her life: her older sister Meg's new home and family; her younger sister Amy's many admirers; the family's shared grief over losing Beth; and her own feelings towards a handsome young German. As Lulu delves deeper into the lives of the March sisters, she finds solace and guidance, but can her great-great-grandmother help Lulu find a place in a world so different from the one Jo knew?"

Opening Lines:
"Plumfield, October 1888.

Dearest Amy,

My daughter has arrived in this world, and bless the infant, she is the reddest and the squallingest baby you ever did see!"

My Take:
Middling to above-average in the grand scheme of new takes on old, beloved stories.

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