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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A gentle madness, indeed

No, this isn't my 85th book (yet), but a reflection on the Hazel's Bookshelf link off to the right. For the one person who occasionally reads this and doesn't live in my house, this is a real bookshelf. Full of library books. Make that overfull; for the first time I can remember, they're overflowing onto the shelf below (which is double-stacked as it is). I just checked my account online and I have, um, 33 items currently checked out. (Technically, a handful of those have been returned and just not checked in yet, but still.) My 10 year old has more restraint than I do (and yes, she shows every sign of following in her mom's book geek footsteps). When we went to the library Tuesday ('cause that's how any normal person spends the last day of summer vaca, right?), I almost had more books than I could carry. Not more than I could carry home ... more than I could carry around the library as I peeled Littlehazel out of the comic section and slogged over to the self-checkout. (I carried 'em home fine -- uphill, even -- but I do pack a ginormous old backpack and walk so hunched over from the weight that my knuckles practically drag the ground.)

Is there a support group for this?

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