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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#106 - Anna In-Between

Yet again, a backlog o' blogging. I really enjoyed Anna In-Between, by Elizabeth Nunoz (Akashic Books, 2009), but finished it nearly a week ago and, well, y'know. The story is set mostly on the unspecified Caribbean island where the title character grew up, though she now makes her home in New York and has for almost 2 decades. Anna has returned to her parents' home for what's supposed to be an extended, "quality time" sort of visit ... only to discover that her mother, Beatrice, has very advanced breast cancer, and has been praying the rosary in solitude rather than seeking medical treatment. To make matters worse, Anna's father, John, insists on respecting Beatrice's privacy and decisions, and Will. Not. Force. Her. to see a doctor. Anna's efforts to bring Beatrice back to the States for the best care available don't go well; knowing mostly what they've seen on American TV, they are convinced that good hospitals and quality care aren't for people of color, like them.

I picked up the book on the advice of Amy Finnerty's New York Times review, which I'll cite for those so inclined. Read it; it's a keeper.

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